Wedding/Tiered Cakes

We design cakes for any occasion from weddings to birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. All of our cakes are custom designed for your unique celebration.  Pricing is based on services and detail of decoration. 

Wedding/Tiered Cakes:
Please contact directly, priced upon complexity of design.

Faux/Fake/Dummy Cakes:
Please contact directly, priced upon 
complexity of design.


We personally deliver and set up wedding cakes and/or cupcakes.
*Fee varies for MD and NoVA area*
(includes setup)




Typical Cake
All of our cakes are approximately 5/6" high with three layers of cake and two layers of filling to hold it together.


Layers and Tiers
Our cakes are made of three layers of cake in each tier. We can design a single tier cake (3 layers), a two-tier cake (2 tiers of three layers each), a three-tier cake, etc.

Layers and Tiers - Variations
We can design cakes that have more or less layers than our typical cake. A 6-layer cake (twice the number of layers) is called a double barrel. A 2-layer tier is often used as the bottom tier of a multi-tier cake to give it a lower foundation. 

Smash Cakes 

Smash cakes are small cakes that babies can smash into.  These cakes are often used to spare the larger birthday cake from being destroyed. Our smash cakes are 4" 2/3 -layer cakes. We recommend a vanilla cake frosted in white or very light vanilla icing to reduce the overall mess of smashing. (A cake decorated with blue icing, for example, most often results in a blue baby).

4" Round FREE with purchase of cake for (1st Birthdays ONLY)

Round Cake (approximate serving sizes)

6″ round  yields 12 servings

8″ round yields 24 servings

10″ round yields 38 servings

12″ round  yields 56 servings

14″ round  yields 78 servings


We offer cake tasting for orders of at least 100 servings or a $300 order minimum. The reservation fee for the cake tastings is $35.00. You will be able to choose three cake flavors and three frosting flavors. If you choose to book with us, the cake tasting fee will be deducted from your order total if your order total at least $300.00.


On a budget?  We understand, we can discuss budget-friendly options that will work best to re-creating your vision.

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