Cupcakes & Cookies

Our gourmet cupcakes come in two sizes—mini and standard.

Almost all of the flavors of our cakes can be made into cupcakes.  

Please note: Only one flavor per dozen. 


Our standard cupcakes are topped with a delicious swirl of icing.  There is an additional cost for fillings. 

Custom decorations are an additional charge depending on the complexity.

Cupcakes (*starting price) 

Regular size Cupcakes

$25 Standard Design (One Cake Flavor & Basic Icing/Swirl)

$30* Custom Design (One Cake & Icing flavor with custom design)


MINI Cupcakes

$30 Standard Design (One Cake Flavor & Basic Icing/Swirl)      (2 dozen minimum)

$40* Custom MINI Cupcakes (One Cake & Icing flavor with custom design) (2 dozen minimum)

Boozy Cupcakes

Types of Infusion:

$50 Infused Icing and Cake

$60 Infused Icing and Cake with a Shot

*Please add $10 for Top Shelf Spirits (Patron, Ciroc, Hennessy, etc.)



/Lemon Drop / Lime Margarita / Pina Colada /

/ Mimosa / Mudslide / Kahlua  /

Strawberry Margarita / Peach Bellini /

/ Pineapple Rum / Sangria / Strawberry Champagne /

Custom Decorated Cookies

(1 dozen minimum order)

Flavors: Vanilla / Spice / Chocolate

Themed Cookie Sets:

$60  - Themed Cookie Sets are sold by the "Baker's Dozen" (13) - varying sizes and degrees of detail in a theme of your choice.  Specific designs will be determined by us.  Provided in box  and individually wrapped at no charge. 

Custom Tags & Large Fancy Gift Boxes or Packaging: Starting at $5 for orders of 1 dozen +

Holidays & Events: (*prices vary)
Contact us with your specific needs and we would be happy to create a new set custom tailored to your event!

Levels of Detail:

  • Basic: Cookies are decorated with simple shapes and one or two colors

  • Detailed:  Cookies are more personalized might include some writing, some piped details, and up to 4 colors

  • Elaborate:  Cookies have several piped details, might depict a certain character, and have 7 or more colors

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